A co-operation of yoga teachers offering classes and therapies across different venues in Winslow, Buckingham & Akeley

Hatha Yoga

A general yoga class, combining classic yoga postures, breath work, deep stretching and relaxation.  The pace and theme of the classes may vary, depending on time of day, level of students and teaching style.

Yoga Therapy

A holistic yoga approach that adapts practices to the needs of the individual.
Suitable for those with certain health considerations or injury recovery or for those looking for a slow, gentle and deeply relaxing class.

Yin Yang Yoga

This class explores different themes through a more dynamic, flowing yang style sequence and then a floor based yin practice of longer held postures, marrying breath, movement & meditation.

Pregnancy Yoga

A gentle, slow paced class with postures, sequences and breathing practices designed for pregnant women and suitable for all stages of pregnancy. Gentle, flowing sequences and specific postures alleviate discomforts and minor ailments common in pregnancy. Special breathing practices and postures help to prepare for the different stages of labour and birth.

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs

The YHLB classes were designed for people with chronic/recurring non-specific low back pain with the aim to gently and progressively get sufferers towards being more active again.
The course comprises 12 x 75min classes, with a mid-course break.  Gentle yoga poses require sitting on a chair, standing, kneeling or lying on the floor on a yoga mat.  Learn life-long skills to improve mental and physical health.  Please ask your GP whether this gentle, specially-adapted yoga course is appropriate.


Tai Chi QiGong Shibashi is based on the philosophy of Tai Chi and extracts some of the best movements.  It is a gentle, beautiful and flowing QiGong exercise routine, designed to improve general health and well-being.  It is a joy to do and deeply relaxing.

Gong Bath

The gong is one of the oldest musical instruments based on ancient wisdom.  The gong vibrates at frequencies that allows the body to heal itself.  The Gong Bath is an immersion in healing sounds which balance the vital energies of the body. See our workshops & events page for details of the next Gong Bath, or contact Rosita directly if you want to book her for your own venue.

Traditional Thai Massage

Sometimes referred to as Thai yoga massage this massage will, on a physical level, take every joint through its full range of motion and stretch and compress every muscle. Whilst on an energetic level, it will balance the flow of energy and release stagnant energy.

No Hands Massage

The NO HANDS®’ ‘Back to Basics’ Massage treatment as devised by Gerry Pyves, is an approach that integrates concepts of deep muscular massage with rhythmic movement and pressure, using the therapists body weight rather than muscular energy, therefore relieving the strain on hands and at the same time having a deeply relaxing and balancing effect on the client.