Since my original training in holistic massage therapies over 25 years ago I have widened my knowledge and practice with courses in Thai yoga massage and No Hands Technique, transforming touch.
These skills gave me a greater understanding of how massage can help and heal the body and calm the mind.
Used as stand alone treatments or combined they give powerful and effective ways to treat many imbalances, or just purely for relaxation.

Traditional Thai massage is a unique form of body therapy dating back thousands of years. With its roots in India and influences from China the massage incorporates yoga style positions (asanas), acupressure and reflexology points, along with gentle rocking, deep stretching and compression.  Nuad Bo- Rarn as is it called in Thailand, is performed on a mat on the floor rather than a couch and the techniques are applied through the clothes without the use of oils.
Thai massage works with the energy body rather than the anatomical body, working with the energy (Sen) lines, as opposed to specific soft tissues of classical massage.
I trained in London with Simon Gall at the London School of Traditional Massage, Simon spent many years training in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand and also at the Wat Po Buddhist temple in Bangkok in the south, before returning to the u.k to found L.S.T.M.

‘The NO HANDS®’ ‘Back to Basics’ Massage treatment as devised by Gerry Pyves is an approach that integrates concepts of deep muscular massage with rhythmic movement and pressure using the therapists body weight rather than muscular energy therefore relieving the strain on hands and at the same time having a deeply relaxing and balancing effect on the client. This treatment is performed on a low couch with oil and all on the back of the body.
My Training with Gerry Pyves , (again in London)has been  a fantastic addition to my massage base and I am always delighted with the effects this treatment has and the very positive feed back from my clients.

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